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We continue to offer athletes in various sports a clean and sanitary way to deal with full sets of sweat soaked equipment including all undergarments, jerseys, athletic footwear and accessories for any sport.

The drying rack is also a great way to dry large loads of everyday laundry plus it can double up as an instant closet organizer for storing bulky items like, sleeping bags, blankets, towels, sweaters plus so much more.

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PPE / COVID – 19 Pandemic

We are able to connect companies and vendors in need of PPE during the COVID – 19 pandemic.

Buy/Sell: Face Masks, Nitrile Gloves, Face Shields, Gowns, Goggles, Hand Sanitizer, Wipes, Bottles, Pumps, Caps, Foamers, Micro Fiber Cloths, Sanitary Dispenser Stands etc…

Certifications, testing and licenses are in place.