Peter P. - Hockey Dad

"The sports equipment drying rack works extremely well when travelling to tournaments. We use it at home too! I do recommend this product."

Terry M. - Hockey Mom / Trainer

"5 Stars ***** We have used the sports equipment rack a few times now and wanted to send you a quick email to let you know how much we LOVE it!

Tammy G. - Sports Mom

"16 & 8 Sports has designed a gem. The sports equipment rack aka PDH365 is a great way to dry everything together no matter what type of sports gear is being hung. Way more room than the equipment stands on the market. Two thumbs up!!"

Bonnie M. - Hockey Mom

"I wanted to send a note to let you know how great I think your sports gear drying rack  is. We have used it for many things. Hockey gear being number one, but we have also used it to dry laundry. Plus we have taken it on vacation down south and used it for bathing suits and towels, Great design!"

William B. - Week end Warrior

"I was using the traditional stand to dry my equipment. I'm a big guy so it didn't really hold everything so I was actually leaving stuff in my bag. Not a good idea. The sports equipment rack is great, has lots of room to hold all my stuff. I play baseball too and will definitely use it for that as well."

Ben F. - Coach/Hockey Dad

"We have a big family and staying in hotel rooms was a tad bit crowded with sports gear being spread all over the room up until now. The PDH365 works great in hotel rooms. All the gear and accessories are all being hung in one location now and up off the floors. Great stuff! I will definitely recommend your sports rack!"

Michelle G. - Hockey Mom

"Wow, your hanger is awesome!! We love it!! Seriously, for anyone who's looking to purchase a sports dryer, this is the one! The PDH365 does hold full sets of gear including all undergarments like they say it does. Fits perfect in my son's hockey bag too."

Darren N. - Hockey Coach

"I've been around hockey many years and this is by far the best way to air dry equipment. I highly recommend it."

Tyler J. - AAA Hockey Player

"I play a lot of hockey and this does hold everything and keeps everything together, therefore I'm way more organized for practices, fitness and games." Great for travel too."

Gunther A. - Athlete

"I play multiple sports and the PDH365 is very versatile and will accommodate all my gear for the different sports I play"

Sally U. - Hockey Coach (Girls Hockey)

"A quick note to say that our team loves your product! : ) All players on the team have one."

Ben F. - Hockey Trainer

"This is by far the best drying rack on the market. Easy to use and throw it in your hockey bag when travelling" Cheers

Taylor S. - Hockey Parent

"You have an incredible product! It's so easy to use and we enjoy using it in the hotel room as well when we travel to dry equipment."

Tina H. - Baseball Mom

" I was looking for something that our son could use this year while travelling to tournaments. On occasion he gets caught in the rain or plays on wet fields. He was spreading his gear everywhere in order to dry. Wet gear sucks up everything in the carpet and I knew this wasn't the cleanest way to dry his gear and that there had to be a better way."

"He hasn't used it on the road yet but he's used it at home to air out his equipment as training has already started this season. All his gear fits great and even hanging the ball bag on the side hook is handy."

Bob G. - Hockey Dad / Coach

"Saw one of Brandon Prust's Tweets and hopped over to your website. I knew immediately how both my son and I could benefit using the PDH365. We both use one today." Take care

Fran T. - Scuba Diver

"Honestly I can’t say enough good things about your drying hanger. So easy to use with loads of room to dry!! I scuba dive around the world and love how I can take it with me wherever I go. With it being so light it doesn't really effect the weight of my luggage. It was such a pain drying items like wet suits, swim suits, towels, flippers, mask, etc. in hotel rooms.Now it's not!!"

J. & K. Palmer - Aunt / Uncle / Parents

"We were looking for a birthday gift for our nephew geared towards sports as he's very active in sports and came across your product through social media and instantly saw the benefits of using it to dry and organize sports equipment. As new parents of a two month old boy we also saw the benefits of having one of these ourselves to dry laundry. With a new born we do a lot of laundry and this has saved us a lot of money by not having to run our dryer as often. We hang towels, sheets and baby clothing on a daily basis."

Candice F. - Skier

"Lots of things to dry after a day at the slopes. I can't believe how much it holds!! Easy to use and I like the fact that we can also take it when we travel and use if for other things as well during the off season."

Janice and Kyle B. - Lacrosse / Hockey / Snowmobile

"Hi, just a quick note to let you know the product you designed is amazing! We bought the PDH365 for our 12 year old son. He plays a few sports, hockey, lacrosse and snowmobiles. We found the old drying stand very limited in ways we could use it. Really, the stands on the market today have little poles that you can only hang a few things, but yours has ample room to spread out everything. We are extremely happy with the product and will highly recommend it to family and friends."

Samantha A. - Ringette Mom / Hockey Mom

"365 - you got that right. We use the PDH365 every day. Drying sports gear, drying full sets of team jerseys (works great hanging all the jerseys in one spot on hangers) , laundry and even used it as a closet organizer when we had overnight guests stay with us. "

Bethany H. - Hockey Mom

"We've had the PDH365 for just over a month now and LOVE it! We have used it both at home and while we traveled to a hockey tournament. Talk about a great way to hang gear in hotel rooms!! We had our whole team come in to see it and they all thought it was great! This really did free up floor space in our hotel room. Plus I used to cringed every time we had to dry gear on hotel room floors. Yuck. Now we don’t !!

Tyler V. - Football Player

"I play football year round and find the PDH365 to be very useful. This product has been designed with football gear in mind, very well built with lots of room to hold all my gear with the tensile strength needed."

Barb C. - Ringette Mom

"Love how we can use this both at home and while travelling. The hanger does hold everything with lots of space for proper drying. I also use it to dry the undergarments and jerseys after being washed. 🙂

Kelsey H. - Snowboarder

"Great design. I use the hanger to dry and organize my gear for snowboarding all the time. I like how it collapses and fits into my sports bag. Great for travel."

Baxly M. JR. - AAA Baseball Player

"I play ball year round down south and have been looking for a better way to air out and dry my equipment and undergarments in hotel rooms.The PDH365 is awesome. Everything fits and I mean everything, with lots of space for quick drying. Cheers"

Tina B. - Sports Mom

"I wanted to send a quick email to let you know how much we like the hanger. We use it all time for sports gear at home and on the road. It's nice to have everything hanging and drying in one place. Congrats on a well designed product."

Shelly F. - Hockey Mom, Traveler

"PDH should read SDH instead, SUPERB drying hanger! Awesome hanger for sports gear! We have also used it while vacationing down South to dry our scuba gear, bathing suits and towels."

Andy P. - Hockey Dad, Coach

"Excellent drying hanger! We have been looking for a better way to dry gear in hotel rooms. This is great and as stated, everything does fit."

Gail W. - Hockey Mom

"This is an excellent drying hanger especially for travelling to tournaments. We hated drying equipment and jerseys on hotel floors. Now we can hang everything together in one spot and up off the floor. It fits great in our daughter's hockey bag and has been very easy to use! : ) "

Kendra M. - Hockey Mom

"The portable drying hanger deserves a Best New Product award. Well thought out, great design and can be used for more than just drying sports gear."

Greg and Carol W. - Hockey/Baseball Parents

"We have a son who plays AAA hockey and AAA baseball. We spend a lot of time in hotels and this drying hanger is amazing! Our son especially loves it as he can now get to the hotel pool quicker. He doesn’t have to figure out where to put everything. He just pulls out the PDH365 and hangs everything on the hanger for either sport."

Jim B. - Hockey Dad

"Dad, I forgot my skates" "Dad I forgot my shin guards", "Dad I forgot my helmet" does this sound familiar? Well it happened enough while using the old traditional drying stand and having to return back home to grab items that were left behind is not that fun. This hanger has LOTS of space to dry EVERYTHING in one spot. Thank you.

OMHA - Ontario Minor Hockey Association

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16 & 8 Sports is honored to be on the list!!

Catherine O. - Hockey Mom (Goalie)

"This is truly a travelling miracle. It has so many practical uses in the home and or on the road. Storage, drying etc. Good luck with your product!"

Krys Barch - 8 Year NHL Veteran, Buffalo Sabres Player Development

"This is a phenomenal product. Easy to use and extremely effective”

Scott Bogart - AXIS Hockey Systems

"Good-Bye equipment tree, Hello portable multipurpose drying hanger. This is exactly what I have been looking for.”